TRIANGLE: Ascension into Another Golden Age

Brought to you by Parkdale Village Arts Collective, Haus of Dada

Gallery 1313, Partners in Art, Forever Epic Films, Belljar Cafe. 

Thanks John R. Taylor, Devan Patel + Project Gallery. 

My last year’s Nuit Blanche piece Queen of the Parade curated by Patrick McCauley was a collaboration with Vanessa Lee Wishart, showed my work on an international stage and changed my life. 

This year is my third and last doing Nuit Blanche for awhile. TRIANGLE: Ascension into Another Golden Age is my Inner.Space send off. 

A Three Location Ascension Experience: Projection/ Sound/ Wind / Performance/ Sculpture + InterGallactic GUESTS. 

The team has come together so elegantly and while there are always unexpected bumps in the road we are now in the home stretch. I am thrilled to bring this version of TRIANGLE to you. I have been experimenting all year with installations at Belljar Cafe, Moniker Gallery and The Film Buff. Having said that I might take TRIANGLE to ARTEL PHX next year. 

Born from a few hard weeks of c-ptsd cognitive problems, the projection light show at The Black Cat is perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve discovered in my experimenting with bending light. I have an installation of gauzy curtains and netting in a womb shape that the audience enter into. With industrial fans and multiple projections in the gauze, when I tested it as part of a local art festival, it was extremely successful despite not being able to hear the healing sound track by Marshall Dragun. So I have a special sound experience for The Black Cat: Full Surround Sound brought to you by Sennheiser HDR170 and Haus of Dada.  Quadrophonic Surround Sound for The Belljar Cafe, the last and most relaxing of the venues. 

Haus of Dada : The Invitation
The Black Cat: The Experience
Belljar: The Exhalation

Carolyn Tripp is my partner in visuals for TRIANGLE. She is the Executive Director of the Parkdale Film and Video Showcase and she will be designing the clear, clean visual environment for Belljar: The Exhale. She will also be designing and executing the TRIANGLE art that will link the locations. 

Marshall Dragun has worked with me all year on the soundtrack. The intent of the sonic accompaniment for TRIANGLE is aimed to re-establishing, in practice, similar principles of intended positive bio-celestial realignments. With the use of binaural solfeggio frequencies and isochronic tones, as well as sound samples captured from space, the journey is crafted with base frequencies that are believed by some to have a positive fundamental effect on the human experience and on life as we know it. The sonic journey is tied into the ascension process by moving upward through the scale of the 9 basic fundamental sacred healing tonal frequencies (174Hz, 285Hz, 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, 852Hz and 963Hz). Ascension is ultimately attained by harmonizing the mind,body,soul through one experiencing the entire upward scale of these tones; thus allowing for the re-establishment of ancient celestial realignments ie. The New Golden Age.  His special musical guests are Stephane Vera and Aris Plampe. 

I am also very excited to be working with my TRIANGLE Technicians Wanda MacRae & Daisy Semkiw Blackburn who will pull through the portal with me. Tarqin Richards is my intern who will be Inner.Space Videographer. 
My favourite special guest is the glorious artist Steven Joseph who will be my MUSE. I pulled him though my portal into TRIANGLE and he will thrill us with his extra terrestrial beauty and style. Come and catch a glimpse before Steven gets pulled  into another level Super Star Galaxy and we mere humans can no longer reach. 

I am so excited to bring you TRIANGLE. You will never be the same again.


CAROLYN TRIPP is an artist, writer and arts administrator living in Toronto. She is the current Executive Director of the Parkdale Film & Video Showcase. Her cross disciplinary visual work has been exhibited with the One Minute Film & Video Festival (Aarau, Switzerland), the Toronto Urban Film Festival, Clusterfuck Zoo (curated by Lorna Mills, NYC), The Toronto Animated Image Society (Toronto), Under Management: Video Store! (Dawson City & Vancouver), Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto) and The Khyber (Halifax). She was also a participating artist with Trinity Square Video's "Left/Right/Centre" video commission series with screenings at the AGO's Jackman Hall and the TSV gallery at 401 Richmond. She also likes gifs. Lots and lots of gifs. +


STEVE DRAGERT (aka Marshall Drägun) is a music producer, artist, performer and event organizer living in Toronto's burgeoning west end. He has been involved in a multitude of events and projects over the years including Scotia Bank's Nuit Blanche of 2012 where his contributions took the form of an evolving soundtrack that was created and first performed live as part of Irene Cortes' 'Nowhere Here Now - A Building Opera' exhibit that took place at the downtown 401 Richmond St building. More recently, Marshall's artistic energies and community building approach to media curation and event organization have helped launch and establish a new series of underground music events; founded and formed as a community co-operative for local new and emerging as well as established artists and musicians in Toronto and surrounding area. In early 2014, Marshall and Lisa Wegner had joined forces in giving birth to an ongoing body of work entitled 'The VonLiptov Experience'; an audio/visual retro-futuristic event series created with the intent of inspiring creative minds while also raising funds for local community outreach programs. VonLiptov takes place every other month at the Belljar Cafe located at 2072 Dundas St W.


STEPHANE VERA makes music. Crossing an invisible bridge between London garage flavoured house and tweeky Detroit electro, Stéphane "Teknostep" Vera is one of the only electronic musicians to have created his own genre of music based on his artist name back in the 90’s. His pioneering work has made significant contributions to the expansive world of future music and sound science. His intelligent insight and years of experience in musical experimentation and production could fill pages, not posts. Highlights of his activities include being chief of music operations & lead composer at computational music company waveDNA, being the world’s first composer for the deaf at Ryerson University for the Emoti-chair: a device that allows the deaf to experience music and throwing the world’s first concert accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, composing for television, hosting three successful radio programmes, and creating ringtones and music for Microsoft. Stéphane has also collaborated with the likes of Canada’s r&b diva Ivana Santilli, Brooklyn’s jazz great Laila Biali, Chicago house pioneer Roy Davis Jr., San Francisco’s ill.Gates, London’s Si Begg, and Berlin’s Sean Roman (Mutt) on various recordings. His sound is that of an electronic music you can’t quite put your finger on, such as afro-funk over a glitchy beat to effervescent house teased with trip hop.


STEVEN JOSEPH is Mama Dada's Muse.  He is a young multi-talented artist with works in fields of Pro-Makeup Artistry, Alternative Modeling, Song-Writing and Performance. 

Steven has been working in the artistic industry for many years as an empire of various talents. They have worked freelance makeup artist for personal clients, weddings, media and photography. He has also worked for cosmetic brands such as Lise Watier Cosmetiques, Pari Beauty, Shoppers Cosmetics Boutique. He has posed for various photographers portfolio's in which are used for ad's, promotion and personal. He had independently released music through his own label "Steven Joseph" via. iTunes and had recorded with Toronto studio Morphproductions. Steven has been published internationally in various magazines such as FAB Magazine, InToronto Magazine and The Buzz Magazine. 


WANDA MACRAE is one of those people that grew up experimenting and loving makeup and what it can do for a person. Not only is it about beauty, it is about being creative and being able to show the artistic side that one can have. Taking many advanced art course, she uses those skills to pick up the brush and paint faces as the face is a beautiful fresh canvas.

Growing up with a natural eye for fashion, she quickly learned what dressing up in costumes and what fun outrageous looks could do to give that extra edge to what a makeup palate is capable of creating on ones face. She started working on others as a teenager doing makeovers for friends and clients and it never stopped from there. She has taken many makeup courses, private lessons and attends seminars to pick up new skills and tricks of the trade. She is a qualified and experienced freelance makeup artist.

Over the years she worked with stage and character makeup as well as clientele that include actors and musicians. The Toronto Star ran an interview on Wanda in April 2001 while working on the Toronto stage show “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Now Wanda has moved on to more traditional beauty such as, fashion, runway, glamour, print, and bridal makeup as her work of preference. Other skills include film, T.V., special occasion, makeup instruction, commercial and corporate work. Her passion, dedication, and love of makeup make’s it a job that she loves to do. Her outgoing and easy personality plus her ability to communicate well with clients allows them to achieve their vision. 


DAISY SEMKIW BLACKBURN is a dancer, artist, mother, lover, mover and shaker. Daisy graduated from Humber College with Diplomas in Fashion Arts Cosmetics, Promotions and Special Events, Public Relations, and Arts and Science. Daisy started in the entertainment business very young as a Promoter of Concerts and Dance events in Toronto and Florida . She has had a long career as a Professional Dancer and dabbled in the Fashion world as a Show Choreographer and dresser. As Dance manager at Entertainment venues in Toronto, Daisy designed and constructed costumes for her dance teams' performances. Since retiring from Dance she has focused on her Dog Behavior/Walking business and has started to invest more of her time into her love of painting and writing- exploring a new adventure and career in the Arts. Creating with make-up is also a personal passion of hers...Halloween Fun! She played Mama Dada's Sister in SUNBATHING ON MARS for Haus of Dada and was one of the voices for WINDOW SERIES for our surround sound film for Nuit Blanche 2012. We are thrilled that she will be performing with us live for the first time as a TRIANGLE Technician.


TRIANGLE will be located between The Black Cat Gallery -an art hub- The Belljar Bar and Cafe -a social hub- and Lisa Anita Wegner's studio -an imagination hub- which closes the triangle. Come and experience TRIANGLE, where everything mundane will be transformed into the marvelous. As all space and time exist in one moment, travel in and out is accessible to those who use the vehicle of the triangle.