Emerging Sound Designer, Position Filled as of June 2021

Project: Intangible Adorations Caravan 2022

Job Title: Emerging Sound Designer

Role Description: Other HeArts and Mighty Brave Productions/ Haus of Dada are seeking an emerging sound designer for  Intangible Adorations Caravan, to be presented in summer of 2022. The designer will work closely with Mad and disabled lead artist Lisa Anita Wegner, mentor Deanna H. Choi, and directors Yousef Kadoura and Harri Thomas. 

Please watch this four minute video to get a sense of the project https://youtu.be/bcHbh3jnI_Q

The successful candidate will be responsible for the conception and execution of the sound design, using a combination of pre-existing and newly created materials, with technical and artistic support from Deanna.

Technical Prerequisite: familiarity with any DAW (Logic, ProTools, Ableton, Cubase, GarageBand, Audacity, etc.) for creating and editing sound cues. Prior knowledge of theatre sound design (or QLab) is not necessary, although an appreciation and understanding of live performance is highly recommended. Ideal candidate would have a Macbook Pro/Air Laptop for rehearsals and tech. 

This is a paid mentorship opportunity. In keeping with the policy of this project, priority will be given to artists who identify as part of the Mad, Deaf and Disabled communities, although all are welcome to apply. 

Project description: Intangible Adorations Caravan is an immersive, travelling theatrical & film experience, fusing the playfulness of Carnival with science-fantasy biography and performance ritual. In residence with ArtWorx TO and co-produced by Tangled Arts + Disability, Intangible Adorations Caravan explores the possibilities of Madness as a source of communal activation; and explores the theme of liberation through dreaming. 

Please let us know why you would be a good fit for the project as well as your experience and aspirations in sound design. Please send applications to [email protected] and feel free to reach out with any questions. If you need help with the application also please let us know.