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In which two Lisas and their friends talk about depictions of women, non binary & female identifying folx and sexuality in mainstream media. They discuss ways to resist the male gaze, and how much they love burgers and chocolate.

Lisa McKeown is currently completing her PhD in philosophy. A theatre critic in her spare time, she also dabbles in stand up comedy.

Lisa Anita Wegner is a filmmaker, performer, curator, speaker and the creative producer of Mighty Brave Productions and haus of dada.

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Our podcast is about ‘the female gaze and female desire.’ What this means is that we are interested in how women, trans women and non- binary folks are depicted in film, and the ways in which these depictions resist traditional, two-dimensional ways that women have historically been depicted as either secondary, or straight up objectified. We’re interested in everything from what the specific characters desire (Tacos? A lover? A different life from the one they’re leading?) to how we, as viewers, are invited to feel about these characters ourselves. 

The female gaze is a term that Showrunner Joey Soloway (previously Jill) coined, that feminist film theorists came up with a few decades ago. It can mean a lot of things but a good catch-all way to think about it is anything that resists traditional depictions of women and women’s roles/desires (ie anything that resists the traditional ‘male gaze.’) 

We’re also interested in any other feminist elements, which can include but are not limited to how mental health, disability, sexuality, race, class, etc are depicted. Does the film/series fall into clichés? Do they depict new, interesting things we’re not used to seeing? 

Finally, we’re interested in YOU and your particular interest in whatever we watch. What drew you to it? How has it affected you and how you think about yourself or the world? What do you love about it? What might you have done differently/change about it? 

We open with a personalized segment called ‘What We Want,’ in which we take turns sharing one thing we want that week. This can be anything from simple, material things to more general things like a bigger shift you’d like to see or make in your life. Past examples include wanting more help in our daily lives and wanting better self-talk, to wanting sweaters, hamburgers, and chocolate. Whatever you want, that’s what we want to hear! 

Finally, this podcast is intended to have a relaxed, conversational tone. We are starting our third season soon, so we’ll happily direct the conversation when needed, but just bring yourself,  your thoughts, and your energy, and let’s have a great conversation! 

We record 25 Episodes each season, we are nearing the end of Covid Edition, Season Two.

Now in Covid Edition, Season Two

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