Current CV available Upon Request

LISA ANITA WEGNER previous projects, films, speaking engagements and, teaching 

Guest Speaker                                                                                                                  2015-

"This Is The Inspiration You Need Right Now" Kickstart Disability and Culture

University of Toronto, Open Show Toronto, Workman Arts, 

Wonder Woman Speaking Series Toronto ON

  • “Art Saved My Life” (Wonder Woman)
  • “Persona: Authenticity Through Artifice” for Paula John (Workman Arts)
  • “More Than Works: Truth Telling and Non Verbal Communication” (U of T)

From The Vaults:

"The Way Back Home" Film                                                                                              2017

Premiering at Mesa Fine Arts Centre Arizona, curated by Steve Weiss 

with Artist talk at Open Show International Toronto ON

"The Way Back Home" Live                                                                                          2015-

Aerial/Performance/Projection/Live Music. Day of Delight, Clay &Paper

Theatre, Hercinia Arts Collective. Created with Akhilanda Collaborative

and Haus of Dada Toronto ON

"Thin(k) Blank Human: Metamorphosis"                                                                    2015-16

Live performance. Gallery 1313, Process, Body Break (Passe Muraille), 

Lunacy Cabaret, Intergalactic Arts Collective, FOMO Feminist Art Conference 

Toronto ON

"GLACIOLOGY"                                                                                                               2015

Performer in live art installation, ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche, Toronto ON, 

curated by Christine Shaw

"Sex + Candy Floorshow" Projection Performance Installation                                   2015

curated by Michelle Bylow for RAW Toronto Mod Club

"Room Envy" ARTEL PHX Collaboration with Steve Weiss + Leslie Barton              2015

Performer as Thin(k) Blank Human curated by Tara Sharpe

Co-curator with Phil Anderson of Window Box Gallery, Gallery 1313.                        2014

Inaugural installation July 2014 “SELFIE” by Haus of Dada/Longbranch Design            

“Stardust: Life on Jupiter?” Live transformation and video production at The              2014

Black Cat Artspace 

“If All You Have Is A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail” triptych film             2014  

directed by Will Kwan, for Gendai Gallery & Trinity Square Video (actor)

“TRIANGLE: Ascension to Another Golden Age” (Thin Blank Human)                       2014

The Film Buff, Roncy Rocks, Moniker Gallery, The Black Cat

                  “LAW of Time Travel” (short film with Particle Dots)                                   2014


“Queen of the Parade” for Partners in Art Annual Fundraiser ArtRageous in             2014


“Under New Management: Video Store” Multiple video pieces, Judith + Norman    2014

ALIX Art Gallery (curated by Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee) 

“Queen of the Parade” for Nuit Blanche, live event and video (with Forever              2013

Epic Films) (writer/co-director/performer/editor)

“Pixel Paint the Night” for Nuit Blanche) live video-art making and 2k film               2012

series “Window Series” (with Forever Epic Films) 

“How Art Saved My Life” short-film screening and talk for Film Bar at the                2012

Phoenix Art Museum, curated by Steve Weiss

“From Desert to Dessert” short film (writer/producer/performer/editor)                   2011

directed by Steve Weiss

“Some Assembly Required” at Artscape Triangle, solo art and video show                 2011

curated by Sue Edworthy & Naomi Hocura

“No Cock Shots Please” Art Installation for The Penis Project Buddies in                    2011

Bad Times, curated Michael McKid

“The Art Game” (Kent Monkman installation for Toronto International Art Fair)      2011 

(performed as the Most Prolific Artist in the World)

“So Who Am I Anyway” short film (producer/performer/director/editor)               2009   

(screened at Phoenix Art Museum’s Selection 2011 show)

“Eva Gets a Better Job” short film (producer/performer/director/editor)                  2009

“Transformation” Solo performance at the Art Gallery of Ontario                                2002    

curated by Machel Reeves

Mighty Brave Productions theatre 1999-/

1999 -Last Tango In Transylvania (NYC)- Director Gillian Strange *

2000- The Lark (Toronto)- Director Kristopher Dell

2001- The Millionairess (NYC)- Director Cameron Wright

2001 -The Millionairess live on the air (Toronto)- Director Cameron Wright

2002- Sweetheart of the Mosh Pit by John Taylor (Orlando) -directed by Eric Rose

2002-Sweetheart of the Mosh Pit by Thomas Morgan Jones (Toronto) -directed by Eric Rose

2002- The BS Show at Second City (associate producer performer) -Director by Christopher Sweeney

Mighty Brave Productions Film 2004-/

2004- Profile (producer) -Director Donnie Mulins

2004- Bonded Pairs (producer/performer) -Director John Bertram

2004- Peep (producer) -Director Naomi Jaye

2005 Chasing Aces (producer/writer/performer) -Director Donnie Mullins ** Sold to OCAD as teaching tool 2010

2005- Outset (producer performer)- Director Donnie Mullins *

2006- Countenance (producer writer performer)- Director Donnie Mullins *

2006- Heir (producer writer performer) - Director Donnie Mullins

2006- Boundless (producer performer) -Director Donnie Mullins

2006- In The Can with JR Digs (associate producer performer) -Director Donnie Mullins

2007- Gospel of Phi (producer performer) -Director Donnie Mullins

2009- Tales of the G20 (producer director) with The Open Media Initiative 

2010- Unbearable Copyrightness of Being (producer performer) -Director Lisa Anita Wegner

2011- From Desert to Dessert with Steve Weiss (writer producer performer editor) -directed by Steve Weiss

2012- Plane Crazy (originating producer interviewer) -Directed by John Bertram

2012- Window Series (for Nuit Blanche) with Forever Epic Films (writer co director performer editor) 

2013- Queen of the Parade (for Nuit Blanche) with Forever Epic Films (writer co director performer editor)

2014- LAW of Time Travel (for Phoenix Arizona with Particle Dots) 

performance art 2002-/

2002- Created Solo TRANSFORMATION Performance at the Art Gallery of Ontario- curated Machel Reeves

2011- THE ART GAME Kent Monkman- Toronto International Art Fair, performed the Most Prolific Artist in the World

2011- Staring Down Andy by Particle Dots at Pracitcal Art Arizona- slow motion monochrome video portraits, performer

2013-Queen of the Parade Nuit Blanche- performed as the Queen of the Parade for video and live event.

2014- Queen of the Parade for Partners in Art Annual Fundraiser ArtRageous in Motion - PIA 

2014- Stardust:Life on Jupiter? Live transformation and art making at The Black Cat Gallery Andrew Williamson

2014- TRIANGLE: Ascension to Another Golden Age Space Guide The Film Buff, Roncy Rocks, Moniker Gallery, The Black Cat 

2014- Billion Jellyfish Bloom Installation, a jellyfish for Digital Dream Festival Toronto 

2014 Under New Management: Video Store. Multiple Video Art Judith + Norman ALIX Art Gallery  curated by Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee 

Lisa's film & tv resume on Internet Movie Database

Zebra Pictures Inc 2005-2006/

2006- Show Opener for TV series The Designer Guys (associate producer) 

2005-2006 various corporate films including NavCan, University of Toronto Medical, Ryerson, OCAD 

the dufferson herman arts umbrella 2010-/

2009- So Who Am I Anyway (producer performer director editor)

2009- Housewife (producer performer director editor)

2009- Eva Gets a Better Job (producer performer director editor)

2009- Girlface (producer performer director editor)

2010- Several pixel paintings exhibited at SPEAKArt Gallery, Women's College Hospital Trauma Therapy Department 

2011- Some Assembly Required at Artscape Triangle, solo art and video show curated by Sue Edworthy & Naomi Hocura

2011- No Cock Shots Please Art Installation  for The Penis Project Buddies in Bad Times- curated Michael McKid

2011- Judge for Beau Pinto's inaugural Ambition Competition's Fearless Live Art Competition at Felix Norman Gallery Inc 

2012- How Art Saved my Life a screening and talk for Film Bar Phoneix, curated by Steve Weiss

2012 - Pixel Paint the Night (Nuit Blanche live art making and 2k film series) Forever Eipic Films/ Scotiabank 

2012- How Art Saved My Life for the WonderWoman Speaking Series, Kat Leonard & Arlene Paculan

2012- Pixel Paint The Day for Roncy Rocks, live digital art making -curated Veronika Michalczak

2012- Pixel Paint The Night for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. live art making/ films/ video with music by Dennis Painter

2013- Mural The Butterfly Woman painted in Women's College Hospital Trauma Therapy Department  10' x 8 '

2013- COMPASS: so where did i come from? so where am i going? projection/performance installation- Veronika Michalczak

2013- Queen of the Parade video/projection/fashion/performance installation - curated by Patrick McCauley for Scotiabank

2014- Queen of the Parade- brought to you by Partners in Art at Daniels Spectrum 

2014- Moniker Gallery Spitting Image Group Show

2014 Under New Management: Video Store. Multiple Video Art Judith + Norman ALIX Art Gallery  curated by Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee 

the moment factory 2011-/

2011- a body of video work with musician Benjamin Boles including COMPASS Installation Elvis Mondays and NXNE

2011- a body of video work with musician Carlos Montenegro from Gesturetek 

2013- a body of work with avant guard jazz musician Mark Hundevad 

2014- VonLiptov Projection Womb at Belljar 

2014- VonLiptov Feature Film 

2014- Triangle: Ascension into Another Golden Age projection wind environment  

Haus of Dada 2012-/

2013- HULA video projection installation created for Neon Panther's TIFF party

2013- Queen of the Parade Large Scale video/projection/fashion/performance installation (performer artist) 

2013- lipstick and light (video moment study)

2013- eiffel tower (video moment study)

2013- Knitting Hands (video moment study)

2013- Jazz Hands (video moment study)

2013- choosing my muses (video moment study)

2013 chasing the neon panther (video moment study) 

2013- Dead and Alive Twins in France (video moment study) 

2013- Queen of the Parade (short film producer performer)

2013- The Making of a Queen (video producer performer editor) 

2013- let the children boogie (video study)

2013- let the starman boogie (video study)

2013- the sound of my planets (video study) 

2013- mickey mouse grew up a cow (video study) 

2013- LAW of Transformation: The Research. Gallery 2186 Dundas

2014- Innerspace 

2014- The Light + Magic Collective (TBA) 

2014- TRIANGLE- Nuit Blanche 2014 

independent projects/

1992-1996- The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Erotic Nightmare (producer/performer/costumes) 

1996- Romeo and Juliette directed by Micheal Kelly (performer)

1995- Jefferson Street YTV (on camera investigator) produced by Howard Green

1997- Rashomon/ Fautus with English Suitcase Theatre directed by Kevin Williamson (lead performer)

2011- When We Are Vampire produced by Ingrid Veninger. Music Video for Jane Sibbery's 12th album  

2010: Album Cover art for Cain was Able LP: Rise of the Serf

2013- Stupid Happy music video for Heather Hill (producer director editor)

2013- Now Magazine Lounge Cover Shoot- Benjamin Boles (concept and projections) 

school projects/

1982- Mary Poppins Live (producer performer) self produced and performed for neighbourhood

1983- Little Orphan Annie (producer performer) self produced at Humbercrest Public School Auditorium

1985- You're A Monarch Joan of Arc Video (producer performer) produced at Humberside Collegiate

1987- Young People's Theatre- Self Created Show- director by Miriam Laurence

1989- They Came from Denton High (producer performer) self produced at Humberside Collegiate Auditorium