Queen of the Parade


Artist Performer: Lisa Anita Wegner   


The image of the Queen Of The Parade resounds across cultures, yet often remains unexamined in our society. Purity, fertility, sexuality, power & triumph - all this & more is wrapped up in what the queen has historically symbolized. Incorporating exaggerated proportions, outré fashion, live performance, and technology including a projection screen incorporated into the queen's gown, this installation will present an over-the-top 10-foot-tall depiction of a typical parade queen that will challenge viewers to think about what this image of femininity means to them as they interact with the display.

 My art practice, which began after I suffered a trauma-related brain injury (c-PTSD), has a focus on re-birth, redemption, transformation, and process work, using a multi-media approach that fearlessly probes for the truth, richness and hard-won lessons from my personal journey over the past half-decade that has confronted me with extraordinary difficulties. Emerging from my personal darkness, I have come to love exploring the truth that can be discovered by investigating alternate personae, and becoming the Queen of the Parade was my first full-scale work in this vein; it also allowed me pursue the exciting possibilities of collaboration, working with fashion artist Vanessa Lee Wishart to realize the vision of the Queen.

 My work has been shown at The Phoenix Art Museum, Film Bar Phoenix, The Scottsdale Museum Of Contemporary Art, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Buddies in Bad Times, Moniker Gallery, TIFF and NXNE Festival. My first solo show, Some Assembly Required, was in 2012 at The ArtScape Triangle Gallery. August 5 2014, Lisa take her Queen to another level when she performs at The Black Cat Gallery as Queen of Stardust.

 Vanessa work has been displayed at the Musée du Chapeau (France), Costume Museum of Canada, The Royal Ontario Museum, Fashion Cares, Carribana, Pride, Art of Fashion, Toronto Alternative Fashion Week, Nolcha New York Fashion Week, Cirque du Soleil (Viva Las Elvis), Pricilla Queen Of The Desert (Mirvish) and Evil Dead: The Musical. My original collaboration with Vanessa, Queen Of The Parade 2013, was part of Patrick MaCauley's vision for Nuit Blanche in 2013 and was featured in newspapers from India & Korea to Brazil.


Nuit Blanche 2013

Queen of the Parade 2014 created for Partners In Art annual fundraiser