Performance Art Salon

Originally "Authenticity Through Artifice" this performance art workshop is currently titled:

Imagination + Play = Performance! 


Come have fun, relax and learn to play again in this fun and funky workshop!  

Based on the artistic practice of Lisa Anita Wegner this workshop is centred on the key elements of play-- expression and freedom. We use costuming, dress-up, props, wigs, toys, music and even a trampoline! Members say it feels like a sleep over, or recess: a time to play without traditional performance rules. There is nothing to memorize, no scripts to struggle with; this is pure play at it’s fancy-dress best.

Drawing on Lisa's own experience with art as a method of healing, we create an environment based on the tastes and interests of the group, where everyone has the freedom to play and find out more about who they are as people and artists. As a participant, you are invited to play with anything you like to express yourself in a comfortable and safe environment. This workshop focuses on process, removing the pressure to produce results by offering you the experience of creating something personal, satisfying, often collaborative, and a whole lot of fun.


If the group wishes, in the last six weeks Lisa will be available to record videos. 

BONUS: The Performance Art Salon is the professional performing troupe that has developed out of this workshop. Becoming an active member of Imagination + Play = Performance! can be the first step to becoming part of the Salon.

Workshop Assistant KC Cooper

Workshop is currently offered only at Workman Arts, for their member artists

We worked with The Tarragon Theatre March Break Program 2018

Future dates TBA

Charb Arts is the Proposed Accessible Venue for 2020

Winter term 2018. Video created by Lisa Anita Wegner for haus of dada.