haus of dada manifesto

All children are born artists, until the world knocks it out of them. Honour that artist in everyone.


Find talent and stick to it like glue (borrowed from Christine Vachon, Killer Films)

Everyone is President at haus of dada


We are all made of the same hologram, refections of each other

Slow and gentle is the way. No one is in ever in trouble. 

It’s ok to move quickly, but if you’re feeling under pressure try slowing down. 


There are no stupid questions


Gather often and hold space for heart connection. Honour vulnerability and connect over gratitude


We love radical juxtapositions and bringing voices together 

in a way that disrupts easy logic and established history


Principles over product: 

If our works have financial value we consider it a bonus, but not the end goal. 

We aim for collaboration and a spirit of generosity, abundance and support

surrounding artistic vision and creation


Revolution must be intersectional, we lift up marginalized voices and use storytelling 

to ignite movement toward liberation


In art there it is impossible to be wrong.


Speak the truth (to yourself) 

all the while 

freely and ambitiously 

creating your own Fictitious History


In performance  it is impossible to be wrong: 

If you set out to create a ballet and the dancer falls off the stage, 

at haus of dada, that transforms into a masterful work 

investigating the lost art of falling. 


We will always be amateurs, in the true sense of the word. Art is our nutrition 


We are focussed on 

the vital integration of disability culture into the world 

through the doorway of public art. 

Universal Accessibility makes art better for everyone.


“Over the years that the way I pursue my work as been called amateur. 

Found objects and donated equipment have become my jam 

and I realize an unending burning desire to tell stories 

through any means possible. I take it a compliment as I will always been an amateur artist in the true sense of the word. I do my work for the sheer love and hunger ofit, and I will never stop. Through volume I am becoming practised with a body of film, installation and performance work. I feel lucky that money will never be a motivator of my creative output.” 

-The Ubermarionette 2020


Ideal, ideal, ideal,
Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge, 

Boomboom, boomboom, boomboom

Tzara, “Dada Manifesto 1918”