Liberation Through Dreaming: WE All Live In A Zoom Room

I am a MAD and disabled public artist and I am committed to the idea of public art that is truly accessible and eliminates barriers of poverty and disability that too often get in the way of underserved communities experiencing art. I create immersive universes in which to play, and invite the audience into them with me so that I can share the overriding theme of my art, which is liberation through dreaming. I believe everyone is born an artist until the world knocks it out of them. My body of work encompasses films, large-scale art installations, live performances, disruptions and social experiments. 

During the pandemic, like everyone, I have been living on Zoom, being together and apart. 

I present Liberation Through Dreaming: Zoom Room. 

My project Intangible Adorations Caravan is in residency with ArtworxTO and, while it has been fully funded by the City of Toronto and Canada Council for the Arts, it has been postponed to summer 2022. The Caravan combines live performance, film, and an immersive environment for the audience that engages all of the senses. As a travelling event, it appears in unexpected locales, adding the element of surprise; and its disappearance following the performance leaves the attendees with a lingering sense of wonder. 

I also run Performance Art Salon, which is a costume and play-based performance workshop 

where I recycle costumes from my lifelong performing career. 

I will combine these two concepts and experiment and present on the Zoom platform. 

I love to wreak havoc on software to play in its glitches. And what a way to disrupt and astonish on a platform everyone is already on! 


I will create a series of short videos that can be made available online, as well as a series of three Zoom Room Interactive Performance workshops, where 12 audience members can participate and an unlimited number can watch online. I will give simple instructions and provide some video backgrounds to share with participants. I will bring in a surprise special circus guest to help make the mundane marvellous. 

My body of work explores the possibilities of Madness as a source of communal activation; and I believe Liberation Through Dreaming: Zoom Room is another site of world-dismantling potentiality and the perfect way to share my work in 2021.