The Collagen Council: A Correspondence


Performed at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre as part of their "Tipi Confessions" program, is a comedic presentation with staging designed to showcase the consequences of how I experience a health flare-up of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Whether I have trouble standing unassisted or difficulty breathing, the show is designed to be able to go on. I am keen to tell this story as someone with two invisible disabilities. Out of flare ups, I can walk without a cane, do stuff for maybe two hours a day and sometimes I appear together energetic and smiley. I have a vibrant art practise. Some days are spent lying on the floor gasping for breath, crying and wishing time away. I used to play my bad times down, but that left people wondering what was wrong with me and why I would disappear for months at a time. I wanted to start telling the truth. Some days I have energy, I can do stuff for two or three hours and can participate in life, and sometimes I lose 6 weeks to being bed locked spending most days crying in pain. They are both me, and can manifest on the same day.

Entitled The Collagen Council: A Correspondence, this work is a development of a piece that I first conceived after the frustration of trying to get help for my PTSD and my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome from various social institutions, and presents an increasingly bizarre correspondence between a woman attempting to get assistance and the organization that keeps rejecting her.

Created by Lisa Anita Wegner & Jane E Smythe and Directed by Scott White