Though I have only known Lisa since 2019, I can say without hesitation she is a FORCE. Determined, charismatic, resilient... Lisa is a rare creator who has the creativity to dream big, the practicality to make things happen, and the generosity to share her journey with those around her.

Cyn Roseboom Executive Director of Tangled Art + Disability

Lisa Anita Wegner has a knack of turning elemental ideas into magical creations using imagination and a sense of visual style that defies description. Some artists are lateral thinkers, but Lisa thinks in all directions at once, creating unique experiences for her audiences that leave lasting sensory memories. A truly one-of-a-kind artist, her work has a significant impact on the audience and those who help her weave her artistic spell.

Scott White, 

Writer, Director, Producer of "The Giant's Garden" and "Compulsion"

I have been a senior staff entertainment correspondent in the New York Bureau of People Magazine for eight years. In that time, I have seen Ms. Wegner - one of the gutsiest, talented, smartest and most charming young women I've ever met - passionately expore her goal of bringing thought-provoking film to audiences time and again. I first met Ms. Wegner when she was performing in Manhattan and I was bowled over by her enthusiasm and personal style. I have since seen her helm several productions in Toronto, and noted that any project she pursues, she does it with a zest for life and art that is rare. Ms. Wegner is an artist of tremendous merit with a great future ahead of her.

Natasha Stoynoff, People Magazine 

Senior Staff Entertainment Correspondent 

This letter is to convey my strong support for outstanding experience with, and professional admiration of Ms. Wegner, and her team. Together, their dedication, professionalism, and team spirit kept an already fast-moving train securely on the tracks. In fact it was only after the Bonded Pairs shoot was completed that I even learned of some of the potentially disastrous fires they had put out, each time with extreme grace and efficiency. Lisa's unfailing sense of humour, people skills, empathetic leadership, and that big picture ability to keep everything in perspective. Mighty Brave assembled the best crew possible for such a low budget project, and coordinated an extremely complicated shoot with its aburdly large cast, diverse crew, and multiple, ever changing locations. Being an ACTRA production meant many extra layers of paperwork, logistics, and negotiations -- and they were up for the task.

John Bertram

Writer and Director, "Degrassi Junior High" 

Working with Lisa as a producer, is like working with a human chemist. She possess the essential intuitive ability of bringing the right group of people together to create an incredible artistic alchemy for each project. She is tireless in her efforts to make everyone she works with feel informed, included, and fulfilled. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa and would gladly jump at the opportunity to work with her again in whatever capacity she would see fit. Lisa would be a great asset to any project who needs a positive individual who is not afraid to be innovative and take risks. Lisa is a starlight human dynamo who if given the opportunity will one day rule whatever world she chooses.

Eric Rose

Artist Director of Ghost River Theatre

I was so happy that you were the Queen of the Parade [Nuit Blanche 2013] and you were SPECTACULAR and AMAZING!!! What a starting point to the parade.

Pat Macaulay

Parade curator for Nuit Blanche 2013

Executive Director of Open Studio