dada lab experiments 2020 2.0

Wegner's current work includes Dada Lab Experiments in which a multimedia fictitious history is created on its feet for Haus of Dada. A silent black and white film titled Sunbathing on Mars 1916 is the first piece of this multi-year project. The artists figuratively murder themselves -with the help of The Little Murderer- and gives birth to a whole new story.

PASSION KILLING, is a German Expressionist Film about the Dada Family and their neglected offspring The Ubermarionette. This bloody psychological horror will be developed through until 2021. Mama Dada is hard at work with her Analyst/ Hypnotist (played by Jane E Smythe) and in her studio.

More process clips : The Ubermarionette (the Murderer)
Mama Dada (The Murdered)  Dreams of  Ancient Egypt
Dr Murder preparing for the kill

Mama Dada was the artist behind Triangle: Ascension Into Another Golden Age 2014. Here is playlist of Mama's art videos on youtube