Lisa AnitWegner

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Kudos for Lisa + Haus of Dada

Quotes Bold stylish work. Quotes
M8CH**L LaCockja
Fashion Stylist Tokyo

Quotes Lisa's commitment to her work is always inspiring; she manages to find magic and grace in any area she explores, and there's an intuitive and grounded unity in all of her projects. I always look forward to seeing how her work will expand, and the adventures it will take her on! Quotes
friend and colleague

Quotes Lisa's videos are authentic and intimate. Hypnotic and epic. Affirming and terrifying. Playful and gorgeous. I've been watching them for hours and I want more. I might be hooked. Quotes
Melissa Morris

Quotes I know people always say I knew her when.... but seriously I've been watching Lisa on Youtube since 2008 and I just looked at her website today. I see her storytelling mastery lies in her crisp and sparkling editing. She seems to feast on the world and spit out surreal hopeful otherworldly images. Now that she has turned the camera on herself I can't look away. Quotes
One of Lisa's first Youtube subscribers

Quotes Lisa is immersive, and she is immersed. Her approach to art is not only a seemly-effortless process of capturing her effusive vision and expression, but is also production-focused in a way that ensures things get done, and done right. She knows who to talk to and what to say in order to bring a project into the world, and it is difficult not to feel the desire to be caught up in her enthusiasm and drive. Of course, getting caught up in it can only lead to brilliant outcomes, and it's been exciting to follow the projects she has been championing. Quotes
Robert DeCaire
Freelance Software Developer

Quotes I have been fascinated by Lisa's work with audio and video for some time now Very prolific, very professional, very talented and an amazing artistic vision I look forwards to future collaborations and more fascination Quotes

Quotes I saw Lisa's films and heard her talk back at The Film Bar in Phoenix. I can't forget her films and her passion. She is an adorable rare gem that girl. Quotes
Roger Bunkerton
Audience Member

Quotes I can't take my eyes off Lisa's You Tube videos. She is odd, gorgeous and fascinating. Quotes
A Man With Eyes
She is as hot as she is cool.