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Kudos for Lisa + Haus of Dada

Quotes I produced Lisa's 2013 Nuit Blanche Toronto installation Queen of the Parade. The piece was a bold blend of fashion, video, projection, performance, and installation. It was a testament to the imagination of this fearless artist whose work explores the frontier of new media art mixed with traditional forms. Lisa?s unexpected second career as an artist came by way of a brain injury that landed her in art therapy. This should serve as a reminder that art is more than just decoration and culture. For Lisa, art became a vehicle for recovery, discovery and transformation. Experience her work if you get the chance! Quotes
Martin Edralin

Quotes Lisa's hypnotic work is like watching the love child of Cindy Sherman and Sidney Sheldon grow up in front of your eyes. You can't hide a talent like hers, she'd be discovered if she lived on the moon. Wait, does she live on the moon? Quotes
Everyone Is An Art Critic

Quotes I was brought into Lisa's "Queen of the Parade" project for Nuit Blanche as an advisor and designer. Over the course of a few months I got to know Lisa, her incredible story and had the privilege to work with her one on one, developing her ideas and eventually bringing them to life. She is switched on 24/7, always excited about what she's doing (which is a lot) and even more excited about what she's going to do in the future (which is also... a lot). I'm glad to have met her, proud to have worked with her, and even happier to continue working with her today. Go to her shows, look at her work, follow her progress, you'll see her name in lights near you if you haven't already. Quotes
Nikolai Berda
Colleague, Partner in Crime

Quotes Lisa's work came to me through a Myspace connection. I was using Myspace in 2006 to reach out to indie filmmakers for my monthly shorts screenings, and the work Lisa had on her site was wonderfully written, acted and filmed. I found Lisa's work with Mighty Brave Productions to be thoughtful, funny and imaginative. Her recent self-portrait video shorts feel sincere and even emotionally naked, a stripped-bare analysis that asks "So Who Am I Anyway?" It remains to be seen what next step Lisa brings to the world, but I'm sure it'll be as inspired and honest as ever. Quotes
Steve Weiss,
Programmer for FilmBar and The Phoenix Art Museum

Quotes "Working with Lisa as a producer, is like working with a human chemist. She possess the essential intuitive ability of bringing the right group of people together to create an incredible artistic alchemy for each project. She is tireless in her efforts to make everyone she works with feel informed, included, and fulfilled. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa and would gladly jump at the opportunity to work with her again in whatever capacity she would see fit. Lisa would be a great asset to any project who needs a positive individual who is not afraid to be innovative and take risks. Lisa is a starlight human dynamo who if given the opportunity will one day rule whatever world she chooses." Quotes
Eric Rose
Independent Director

Quotes "This letter is to convey my strong support for outstanding experience with, and professional admiration of Ms. Wegner, and her team. Together, their dedication, professionalism, and team spirit kept an already fast-moving train securely on the tracks. In fact it was only after the Bonded Pairs shoot was completed that I even learned of some of the potentially disastrous fires they had put out, each time with extreme grace and efficiency. Lisa's unfailing sense of humour, people skills, empathetic leadership, and that big picture ability to keep everything in perspective. Mighty Brave assembled the best crew possible for such a low budget project, and coordinated an extremely complicated shoot with its aburdly large cast, diverse crew, and multiple, ever changing locations. Being an ACTRA production meant many extra layers of paperwork, logistics, and negotiations -- and they were up for the task." Quotes
John Bertram
Writer Director Editor, "Degrassi Junior High."

Quotes "I have been a senior staff entertainment correspondent in the New York Bureau of People Magazine for eight years. In that time, I have seen Ms. Wegner - one of the gutsiest, talented, smartest and most charming young women I've ever met - passionately expore her goal of bringing thought-provoking film to audiences time and again. I first met Ms. Wegner when she was performing in Manhattan and I was bowled over by her enthusiasm and personal style. I have since seen her helm several productions in Toronto, and noted that any project she pursues, she does it with a zest for life and art that is rare. Ms. Wegner is an artist of tremendous merit with a great future ahead of her." Quotes
Natasha Stoynoff
Senior Staff Entertainment Correspondent, People Magazine

Quotes I can see your work has grown directly out of your inner being, and that Thin Blank Human is a product of your own growth. Thank you Lisa- Anita Wegner. Quotes
Francesca Poe
Thrilled audience member

Quotes It was a great experience - taught me much about Production. I remain forever grateful for your guidance and advice back then. Why now? Bonded Pairs and PEEP? I think it was called, came up and I remembered how awesome you are. Cheers." Quotes
Elizabeth Pompiel
I was a PA Mighty Brave in 2004.

Quotes Lisa Anita honey, YOU are the art and the artist. Once you own that you will fully become who you are meant to be. Don't waste it by listening to anyone else. Quotes
The Sweden White Hot Whiteheart