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STARDUST: Life on Jupiter?

Stardust: Life On Jupiter?

Fragments of the past merge into a persona of the present and point the way to the future in this unique transformation that will take place at the Black Cat on July 31st. Artist Lisa Anita Wegner draws upon decades-old pop-culture inspirations to create a new, living art piece, and a revolution that will be shared in real time with patrons on opening night.

The experience will continue through the week, as Lisa brings her art practice into the studio space, allowing visitors to see her intuitive, in-the-moment style as she works with event video to further explore the full meaning of Stardust.

As a special bonus, the Closing Party on August 6th will feature a homecoming for the Queen of the Parade, after her gala appearances in Nuit Blanche and ArtRageous in Motion. Don?t miss this spectacular installation as she gets ?Stardusted? for one night only.

A one-of-a-kind event, Stardust: Life On Jupiter? incorporates the focus on re-birth, redemption, transformation, and search for truth through the adoption of personae that has been a key part of Lisa Anita Wegner?s art practice in her journey to reclaim her life from the personal darkness into which she was plunged six years ago. 


Stardust Team

Hair and Makeup by STARDUST Surgeon Wanda MacRae Hair and Makeup

STARDUST Space Suit: Maha Rishi

STARDUST Technicians/ Artist Interns: Tarquin Richards & Maya Path

Stardust Gown for closing party by Vanessa Lee Wishart   

Gown Structure by Nikolai Berda of Longbranch Design 

Gallery Lighting, Gown Video and additional equipment by Carl Elster, Forever Epic Films 

Additional funding Partners In Art 

Special Thanks to John R. Taylor, Martin Edralin, Williams Beauty Supply, Andrew Williamson, RJ Therien and Gerd and Renate Wegner. 

Read about this Performance Art Show

Sample Video Study

Event Images (Tarquin Richards, Lisa Anita Wegner, Maya Path and Wanda MacRae)



  • "I produced Lisa's 2013 Nuit Blanche Toronto installation Queen of the Parade. The piece was a bold blend of fashion, video, projection, performance, and installation. It was a t..."
    Martin Edralin
  • "Lisa's hypnotic work is like watching the love child of Cindy Sherman and Sidney Sheldon grow up in front of your eyes. You can't hide a talent like hers, she'd be discovered if..."
    Everyone Is An Art Critic
  • "I was brought into Lisa's "Queen of the Parade" project for Nuit Blanche as an advisor and designer. Over the course of a few months I got to know Lisa, her incredible story and..."
    Nikolai Berda
    Colleague, Partner in Crime


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